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What to Look For in an Automated Data Extraction Tool in 2022
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Eden AI and Announce Technology Partnership to Simplify the Use and Deployment of Document Understanding AI
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How AI Is Helping The Background Check Industry In The Evolving Labor Market
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UiPath Launches Next-Gen UiPath Automation Cloud
Press Release: Raises $1.8M for Instantly Processing All Documents With AI
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Press release: Practia Global and Announce their Partnership to Automate Document Processing and Eliminate Manual Data Entry
Press release: launches a new AI that understands all documents
AI-Based Text Extraction Software Reduced Data Entry Time from 10 Days to 30 Seconds
Achieving digital transformation through RPA and process mining April Newsletter: ACORD 25 COI, Health insurance SBC, Face recognition, and more!
Not Every AI Is the Same: Google Document AI vs. is Now HIPAA Certified!
No programming experience, no problem:'s no-code document processing solutions
How partners sign up clients to
Ways to protect your private data
Automating ACORD Data Extraction
Processing Sensitive Data
Detecting & Verifying Signatures with
How Saves Time
Press release: Base64.AI Joins Council for Inclusive Capitalism
Exploring's Human-in-the-Loop Review
Admiring the Differences: Chat GPT Compares Itself Against
Exploring's Human-in-the-Loop Review
Case Study: Processes Travel Documents with 100% Accuracy
Taxonomy Management for Document Processing Blog Post
Case Study: Banking Innovator Sets a New Industry Standard with AI-Powered Document Processing
Patent-Pending Segmentation AI Technology for Reading Multiple Documents in a Single Image

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