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ACORD (Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development) forms enable efficient and effective data flow among all stakeholders across the insurance value chain. As a research and development entity, the ACORD non-profit organization monitors global regulations and develops standardized documentation that keeps its users in compliance internationally.

With over 36,000 members worldwide, ACORD's forms have become synonymous with the legitimacy of the insurer or business. With a catalog of over 850, ACORD forms are available in various formats, from paper documents to e-form PDFs, and are organized numerically by type. ACORD forms capture 275 million transactions annually!

Businesses & insurers who rely on ACORD forms feel more confident with their processes' accuracy and efficiency. However, manual extraction of these detailed forms can take days, derailing these efforts, & increasing costs.

As an ACORD member,'s document processing artificial intelligence extracts all ACORD form fields and outputs results to your preferred system in seconds, significantly improving operational speed and accuracy.

ACORD Form Processing with works with several well-known global insurance tech companies that process hundreds of thousands of ACORD forms monthly. A leading insurtech company relied on an entire risk management team to review each form manually before working with Like most companies these days, they were looking for a way to automate this daunting process.

Using the low code capabilities of, the customer completed an API integration that allowed them to send ACORD 25s directly to's API. All data was effortlessly extracted and passed through securely into the client's existing workflow. This end-to-end automation enabled the insurtech company to deliver comprehensive COI verification faster than ever before, speeding up their response time to clients.

What ACORD forms does currently process?

  • ACORD 23: Vehicle or equipment certificate of insurance form

  • ACORD 24: Certificate of property insurance form

  • ACORD 25: Certificate of liability insurance form

  • ACORD 27: Evidence of property insurance form

  • ACORD 28: Evidence of commercial property insurance form

  • ACORD 101: Additional remarks schedule form

  • ACORD 125: Commercial insurance application form

  • ACORD 126: Commercial general liability section form

  • ACORD 130: Workers compensation application form

  • ACORD 131: Umbrella excess section form

  • ACORD 160: Business owners section form

  • ACORD 3101: Additional remarks schedule form

Feel free to get in touch with us if you are hoping to process a form that is not currently on this list. 

How to get started? can process ACORD forms directly from your existing software, email inbox, or file storage. Our AI extracts all data from multi-page and complex ACORD forms, whether digital, scanned, or handwritten. We also have strategic integration partnerships with RPA tools like UiPath, Robocorp, and Electroneek, and can integrate directly into your database. Visit our Integrations Page to learn more about various integration options.

Feel free to contact us for more information or navigate to Signup Page to create your free account. You receive 100 free credits to test out our AI. If you need more, we have pay-per-use, subscription, or enterprise pricing options on our Pricing Page, where you can purchase additional credits securely.

Add the power of to your existing software, workflows, and RPA systems and eliminate the need for manually processing ACORD forms. Visit to learn more!