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The partnership will combine's real-time document processing technology and Practia Global’s technology implementation expertise.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, January 20, 2022 / --Practia Global, one of the most prestigious technology consulting firms in the Americas,, an innovative New York-based AI document understanding company, announce their strategic partnership. The partnership will combine’s real-time document processing and data extraction technology and Practia Global’s technology implementation expertise to redefine and optimize how they handle documents in their business processes.

99% of documents are still processed manually, with billions of dollars spent every year on manual processing. As data automation technologies advance, companies will likely adopt AI-based document processing and automation solutions. Practia Global’s Robotic Process Automation expertise and’s all-purpose document processing AI will lead this transition by enabling all companies to automate their document processing without spending time, effort, and money for building individual machine learning models for each document type.

“When we talk about technology, and more in-depth, about automation and artificial intelligence, we see that every day more companies incorporate these solutions for the optimization of their business processes. Democratizing these technologies for the benefit of all industries is part of our mission. At Practia, we believe that complex processes, such as digitization and intelligent interpretation of documents, can bring high value to organizations reducing response times and increasing customer satisfaction, reducing errors to zero, and leading teams towards a more strategic vision.” commented Adrián Fiz, CEO of Practia USA.

“We are very excited to partner with Practia Global to help our clients in the Americas region achieve cost and time savings by automating their document processes. By combining’s cutting edge Intelligent Document Processing technology and Practia’s expertise in RPA automation, our partnership will allow us to serve our customers better,” said’s Head of Partnerships Tufan Lokmanoglu.

About Practia Global: Since 1995, Practia has been the most prestigious technology and business company in America and Spain. Their network has nine commercial offices and regional delivery centers to allow them to respond quickly to demand, with specialists in each problem applying technological innovation to each business. Practia has developed a deep understanding of regional needs. They define themselves as a company that seeks to solve business problems through Information Technologies.

About Established in 2020, is a cloud-based artificial intelligence service that instantly and accurately extracts text, data, handwriting, photos, and signatures from all types of documents, including IDs, driver licenses, passports, visas, receipts, invoices, forms, and hundreds of other document types worldwide. In seconds, discerns the document's type, extracts the relevant information, verifies the results, and integrates them into the customer's systems saving thousands of employee hours per month for the customers by automating document processing.