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The Custom Model Builder automatically classifies documents based on their text content, allowing you to create your own model. Below, we'll walk you through the various aspects of this feature and how to use it effectively.

Basic Information

  • Model Name: Displays the name of your current model.

  • Model Category: This feature provides our customers with the option to customize their documents or feature models.

    • The Document option helps classify and extract data from entire documents (think custom forms, contracts, IDs, etc.),

    • Features enables object recognition within documents (like spotting logos, fingerprints, or rubber stamps).

      Similar to models found in “AI Features,” these are personalized ML models. Users can seamlessly integrate their own machine learning models, such as a fingerprint reader or a customized table reader. These Feature Models can be easily connected to Document Models, which include our 2,800 existing models and those created in the Custom Models section. This simple process ensures we can efficiently meet customers' specific needs looking for features such as fingerprints and rubber stamps.

  • Model Type: Shows the model's unique identifier code.

  • Model Administrators: Specific email addresses of Flow owners and administrators who can use this model.

  • Model Users: To grant access to the Custom model within Flows, please provide the email addresses of Flow owners and administrators. These individuals are authorized to use the model but are restricted from making any additional modifications to it.

Enter email addresses. Click "Save" or "Add" to confirm changes.

Model administrators manage and integrate the model into Flows. For assistance, refer to documentation or contact support.