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New York-based document processing AI company has taken another impressive step forward in revolutionizing automation in the workplace.'s mission is to help companies get work done faster by automating manual data entry, so these companies can focus on the more important tasks in growing their business. has completed an integration with UiPath Document Understanding Validation Station, allowing UiPath users to automate data extraction with Human-In-The-Loop (HITL) validation. With this new integration, any company can harness the power of automation while keeping humans involved in the process to ensure as much accuracy as possible.

HITL-powered artificial intelligence allows for more accurate processing of constantly evolving document layouts and unstructured data. While boasts an impressive 99%+ accuracy, the HITL boost will give companies the confidence they need to automate their document processing workflows while having human oversight. This approach allows automation tools such as to do all the hard work, leaving employees the simple task of validating the collected data.

"We are excited to announce is now integrated with UiPath Validation Station. This feature adds a Human-In-The-Loop verification step for all types of documents and automation projects. Customers using on-premises or in the cloud can benefit from this additional accuracy enhancement at no extra cost," commented Ozan Eren Bilgen, CEO of specializes in unstructured forms with its no-template AI, which is why it can easily process over 700+ types of documents and continue to learn new ones.'s integration with UiPath Validation Station can be used on all documents, including forms, IDs, and receipts. provides both on-premises and cloud-based services, instantly extracting data from documents hundreds of times faster than human employees. With over 80% of mishaps in the workplace attributed to human error, aims to prevent these mistakes so that employees can spend more time on the things that matter. With the new Validation Station integration, companies can rest assured with handling all document processing while still having a human help verify and perfect the platform's machine learning capabilities.

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