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What are "no-code" solutions?

No-code solutions allow people to build software without coding. These solutions enable custom programs to be built from simple actions, such as filling out a form. No-code solutions can be used to develop features for websites such as upload buttons for instant document processing.

Do you need programming experience?

No-code solutions can be used by anyone regardless of experience. They are geared for people with no programming experience to execute processes previously exclusive to a small technically proficient group.

How can you program software without coding?

No-code solutions provide small building blocks to the user who can use them to build an advanced solution without any programming. Think of no-code solutions as a translator between software and a user's actions. When building their application, users fill out a form or follow specific instructions. These inputs are interpreted by the software, allowing it to program for you behind the scenes.

Does provide no-code solutions? provides two no-code solutions compatible with desktop and mobile platforms. Businesses can add an upload button to their website capable of automatically filling out website forms with uploaded documents.'s second no-code integration allows website visitors to upload documents directly into the business systems. Both these solutions streamline procedures such as identification verification or any similar document processing.

How do I add an upload button to my website?

From the integrations tab on, click the "Add AI to Your WebSite" button. Fill out the fields specifying your domain, button name, preferred document type, and other relevant information. Once your custom smart script is created,'s no-code tool will add the button to your website without you ever writing a single line of code. This upload button instantly processes documents and can populate forms such as a sign-up sheet. has even implemented this upload button into their system to streamline the sign-up process!

How do I allow website visitors to upload documents directly to my website?

From the integrations page, click the "Create Smart Forms" button and fill out the fields of the form with your information. Your unique form will allow users to send documents to your email inbox, database, CRM, or as an API call. You can even make amendments to extraction results to ensure accuracy. No coding experience is needed to integrate, simply fill out the fields of the smart form with relevant information.

With's no-code integration options, the magic of AI is no longer limited to expert programmers. No matter your familiarity with technology, can help you automate your document processing today.