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Identity verification is essential for business operations and compliance. The steady escalation of fraud and identity theft has driven the need for accurate and reliable biometric identification.

As the easiest to collect, it’s no surprise that signatures are the most common form of ID biometrics. Used as a measure of security in banking, legal documents, work orders, and more, signatures are typically manually verified or collected through expensive third-party applications.

Fortunately, technology continues to advance, offering cheaper, faster, and more accurate options.’s Signature AI is an easy-to-use solution that can detect, extract, match and verify signatures.


Signature AI has three signature AI solutions:

A top European bank uses’s signature AI technology to automate several customer banking processes. For example, they use Signature Detection AI to immediately decline checks that don't contain signatures and use Signature Matching AI to verify signatures on checks, deeds, and other related documents. As a result, they have significantly reduced human error and successfully combat unauthorized signature fraud. 

Signature Detection

Documents containing signatures can vary in size, format, alignment, and location of signatures. determines if a signature is available, then extracts clipped images of each signature and their original coordinates within the document. This information is found within the response you receive.

Signature Matching AI will detect signatures in both images and determine if they match by using advanced neural networks to identify specific points within the coordinates of a signature. The unique angle and orientation of the pen strokes create identifiable variables that allow the AI to verify whether signatures match based on a percentage.