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Industry: Travel services

Location: United States

Use case: Passport processing, tax documents, and facial image verification


A visionary travel software company based in San Francisco, USA, has been offering travelers a quick and easy process to obtain their travel documents within 5 minutes and 3 simple steps. Users can select their destination, upload required documents, and submit their applications with easy. Known as an innovator in their industry, the company needed to find the right partner to verify multiple document types in seconds yet provide 100% accuracy. The company realized it needed an intelligent automated solution, utilizing cutting-edge AI technology and true end-to-end document understanding, and providing a human-in-the-loop capability to bridge the gap toward 100% accuracy. After an extensive search, they found the right partner: With, the company can quickly and easily extract and verify important data from passports, tax ID cards, and other travel-related documents, including facial images, signatures, and handwriting.

Tech Innovator uses Flow:’s Human-in-the-Loop (HITL) document understanding solution for fast and accurate processing

This company made the strategic decision to adopt Flow, the cloud-based document processing AI service provided by By leveraging's intelligent document processing AI technology, the company automated the extraction of data from various documents. To ensure the highest level of data accuracy, they utilized's 24/7 Human-in-the-Loop verification team to validate the results. This approach enabled the company to achieve its future growth goals by streamlining the document processing workflow while maintaining the necessary accuracy for each document type.

At present, the company relies on to verify passports, tax documents, and facial images for multiple countries. With a seamless process, each document is swiftly uploaded, processed, verified, and returned to the company within seconds. has successfully processed thousands of their documents, prioritizing both speed and accuracy, all at a fraction of the cost compared to other alternatives. Through their partnership with, the company has experienced a robust return on investment (ROI) and enjoys a predictable cost structure, empowering them to expand their business and get things done faster.

How does offer 100% accuracy for all document types? offers Flow, a user-friendly and scalable human-in-the-loop (HITL) automation solution that enables businesses in all industries to process complex documents and images. Flow integrates seamlessly with over 400 third-party software platforms, including cloud file storage, Google Drive, API requests, scanners, and more. By combining human reviewers with AI-driven document processing, Flow addresses the challenges associated with end-to-end automated document understanding, resulting in reduced processing times and improved accuracy rates.

Businesses looking to achieve 100% document processing accuracy with a fast and straightforward solution can use Flow to extract and review sensitive data from all types of documents on the cloud or on-premise. Flows can use a reviewer fleet provided by or the customer’s employees for users wanting an in-house process. Flow brings significant benefits in terms of efficiency and cost savings. With the combination of AI-powered data extraction and 24/7 human-in-the-loop verification, businesses can automate their document processing with an all-in-one solution at a competitive price and with high processing accuracy.