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New York-based document processing AI company has announced a new partnership with Eden AI. This fast-growing API marketplace simplifies the use and deployment of AI technologies by providing a unique API connected to the best AI engines.’s powerful document understanding capabilities through this partnership will be easily accessible to Eden AI users.

"We are thrilled to have the platform available for our customers! The performance of automated data extraction API is solid. We have been impressed by the consistency of performance in all areas, such as finance, insurance, KYC, and logistics,” says Taha Zemmouri, CEO of Eden AI. “This partnership will initially be an OCR Invoice processing technology integration. Still, it will soon extend to other documents such as receipts, IDs, passports, forms, driver's licenses, and more once those features are available on Eden AI. Base64 fits perfectly with Eden AI's vision of offering the best AI engines on the market in a simple and fast way.”'s mission is to help companies get work done faster by automating manual data entry, so these companies can focus on the more critical tasks in growing their business. The platform specializes in unstructured forms with its no-template AI, so it can easily process over 700+ types of documents and continually learn new ones right out of the box. In addition, provides both secure on-premises solutions and cloud-based services, instantly extracting data from documents hundreds of times faster than human employees.

“We are very excited to partner with Eden AI and support their vision of making AI technologies available simply and cost-effectively. Our cutting-edge technology will enable Eden AI users to automate their document processing through a simple API integration. With our unique semantic understanding capabilities, we help our customers future-proof their automation journeys by easily adding new document types without requiring a new integration or extensive training.” commented Tufan Lokmanoglu, Head of Partnerships at

As beneficial AI tools like continue to evolve in their capabilities, their adoption will increase due to the accessibility provided by platforms like Eden AI. A recent survey of 3,500 business leaders cited the lack of implementation expertise as the top reason for slow AI adoption within their organization. Both Eden AI and share a similar philosophy of making the most advanced AI tools accessible to the average user right out of the box without machine learning experts, which aren’t readily available for most companies. Partnerships such as this one will continue to drive the adoption of AI technologies as the interest in the technology increases and the barriers to entry are reduced.

Experience how understands all types of documents and instantly processes their data at