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Fill Out a Spreadsheet From an Image with and Zapier
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Set up automated actions between your Dropbox, Google Drive, Slack, and through Zapier’s convenient drag-and-drop user interface. This incredibly simple UI will help any busy professional get work done faster by letting Zapier and do the heavy lifting.

Press play to learn how to use our AI to bridge the gap between an image and a spreadsheet!

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Andrew from Today I’m going to show you how to automate document processing with and Zapier.

Here is an image of a  New York driver's license that I have sent to my Dropbox folder.  

I search for Dropbox, and set the trigger event to “New File In Folder”. 

This means whenever a new file is added to this folder, it will activate the Zap.

Next, I search for “” and select the “Scan a document by URL” action. 

Here we harness the power of AI to bridge the gap between a Dropbox folder and a Google Sheet.

To complete our Zap, search for Google Sheets, set its action event to “Create Spreadsheet Row”, and select the data values corresponding to these headers.

Hit “Turn on Zap” and head to your spreadsheet.

As you can see, our Zap has correctly populated the cells with the data extracted from the driver’s license. 

Let’s try uploading another document to the Dropbox folder. Here we will use this sample Ukrainian passport.

Our Zap automatically noticed a new file in the Dropbox folder, used to extract its data, and added it to Google Sheets.

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