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Instantly process driver licenses from all across the US, Europe, LATAM, and beyond, and extract data such as name, license number, expiration date, and Real ID compliance. We can also process state identification cards here in the US.

Our AI is able to extract information with over 99% accuracy from any driver’s license around the world!

Video Transcript

Hi! I’m Andrew from

Today I will show you how our AI is able to extract information in seconds from any driver’s license around the world.

From the home page, click the “Try It Now” button.

Next, upload any document to be processed by

Within seconds the data from the document is extracted, with fields populated below.

Our AI intelligently recognizes and matches key-value pairs at over 99% accuracy, learning from every document processed to become infinitely more precise.

You have the option to export as a CSV file, as well as see our other integrations.

If necessary, click on any value to change it.

Make sure to click the “Change” button to save your edits.

The API results are available here.

Once again you have the option to export your results as a CSV file or to view our 5 simple integrations.’s API can integrate directly into your existing workflow for fast, accurate, and secure document processing.

Experience the magic of AI by demoing a document today!